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Imagination is the preview to what your life will be.

We always wanted to have an impact on everyone we meet throughout our journey in this world. We always wanted to be remembered, be it on how we talk, how we influenced other people, how we touched someone else's heart and should and how we supported someone in times of need and trouble.

I once listened to Steve Harvey's speech, my husband who is very much into motivational and self-help speeches sent me that link and truly it was an eye-opener. He said, "you have not because you ask not". It went straight to the core of my heart. I have asked sure, but was I sincere enough to ask for what truly I wanted in this life?

My husband has always imagined himself that he will make a difference, an impact one day. I imagined that one day, I will be able to help my family, to get and give them a life they truly deserve, a house they can forever call their home. I imagined that both my husband and I will travel back and forth to my homeland to help people, to help families, to help those aspiring kids to be students, those who wanted and so eager to learn and go to school but does not have any means to do so. I imagined myself in front of hundreds of students with a smile on their faces, their warmth and loving affection towards me just simply because we were able to give them a notebook, pencil, colors, bag, shoes maybe even uniform. I imagined us traveling in all towns, cities, provinces in the Philippines in search of all those smart, brilliant, talented kids who have dreams bigger than them. Those who are a fighter and those whose dictionary does not have the word " I give up".

I did not come from a rich family, sometimes I think we are not even on the average side, but I cannot call myself poor because even though we struggled for when I was kid, my parents never gave up on me, on us. I have had people who helped me and guided me so I can finish my studies. And to that, I am ready to give back, I am ready to pay it forward. transportation to go to There were times I did not even have money to buy food during our break time, there will be times when classmates will share their meals or snacks with me so I can get by. There were times that I did not have means to pay public transportation to go to school, so I would walk miles, I went to the school when I was sick just because I hate the idea of missing classes. If my memory serves me right, I even took a ride once or twice and probably asked the driver that I do not have money to pay but I just really wanted to go to school, they were fine with it. I have had struggles in life at an early age, my brothers and my sister did, my parents did, we all did. And that what makes us who we are now, I am proud of who I am, I am proud of what I have accomplished and for that, I will always be grateful to everyone who did not hesitate to help and lend a helping hand when my family was struggling. I may have not said thank you enough, but I will be forever grateful to you and to God for allowing all these people to become part of our lives.

This is what I imagined, now my husband and I are ready to take this journey and to fulfill our dreams. We want you to be part of this journey, we want you to experience the joy and happiness when you can give yourself to others.

When you are busy helping others, worry will not sink in. Your mind and soul cannot be bothered, worried, self-centered when you are focused on goodness.

Our nonprofit organization was born in October 2018, still a baby and for sure we have a lot of work to do, we will take simple, single steps as we go along. And no doubt in my mind that one day, we will have the impact and the footprint we have always dreamed and imagined.

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